School Fees


Foundation Stage - Kindergarten (3 - 4 Years)

5 Full Days          £1991                 5 Mornings          £1639

3 Full Days          £1196                 5 Afternoons      £1639

* Funded places incur a premium of £3 per day for half days and £6 per day for full day attendance                                                                       

Foundation Stage - Reception (4 - 5 Years)           

5 Full Days          £1991                                 


Infants - Lower & Upper Infants (5 - 7 Years)         

 5 Full Days         £1908


Juniors - Lower & Middle Juniors (7 - 9 Years)      

5 Full Days          £2040  


Juniors - Upper Juniors & Seniors (9 - 11 Years)      

5 Full Days          £2084   


Additional Costs

Lunches - Infants         £158.00

Lunches - Juniors         £173.00  

Milk                              £21.00

Insurance                     £5.20

PTA                              £5.00 (annually)

11+ Exam Tuition          £19.00 per session  (Yr 4 upwards)

Piano Tuition                £14.00 per session (Reception upwards)

L.A.M.D.A. Tuition         £12.00 per session (Yr 1 upwards)


Out of School Care At Rosslyn (OSCAR) 

7.45am - 8.45am           £3.00 per day

3.15pm - 4.00pm            £3.00 per day

4.00pm – 5.00pm           £4.00 per day                  

3.15pm - 5.00pm            £7.00 per day                     


Terms and Conditions

A deposit of £200 is payable on acceptance of a place at the school, deducted from the first term’s fees. This deposit is non-refundable if an accepted place is not taken up by the child.

A full term's notice is in writing to the Head is required before removal of a pupil and must be received no later than the first week of term. Failing such notice, a full term's fees being charged and payable in lieu of notice is required.

It is a requirement that in the event of a parent declining a previously reserved place, written notice should be sent to the Head in the first week of the term for the child's intended entry.Failing such notice, a full term's fees being charged and payable in lieu of notice is required.

All fees are payable in full during the first week of term, unless an arrangement is made by signed agreement for payment to be made in instalments. Such agreements must be in place prior to the start of the applicable term.

All late payments will incur an interest charge of 2% per month, or part month, on the balance outstanding. This charge will be applied stringently.

Please note the following:

  • Fees can be paid by cash, cheque or debit/credit card
  • There is a 2.5% fee for credit cards (no fee for debit cards)
  • Monthly instalments can be arranged by signed agreement
  • Unpaid monies for trips etc. will be added on to the next term’s account
  • A sibling discount is offered on tuition fees