Foundation Stage 3-5

The Foundation Stage incorporates the Kindergarten and Reception classes.

Our first priority is to ensure we provide a welcoming and caring environment where young children feel happy, safe and secure. Staff are well qualified and experienced practitioners who are committed to the delivery of the Foundation Stage Curriculum.

Positive attitudes develop confidence in the children’s abilities to become successful learners and feel good about themselves. They explore and share their thoughts, ideas and feelings through a variety of experiences incorporating Art, Design and Technology, Music, Dance, Imaginative and Role-Play activities.

They learn about the world around them and develop the all important skills in Literacy and Numeracy which lay firm foundations as they progress into the Lower School.

The Foundation Stage has its own secure play area, where children enjoy a full outdoor curriculum. Many lessons are specifically taught in this area which is used as an outdoor classroom.

It has been carefully designed to meet fully the requirements to cover the Stepping Stones and Early Learning Goals. Children enjoy this rich and stimulating environment in which they develop skills and acquire knowledge to develop in all six areas of the Foundation Stage.